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Tactician Market Management Solutions Tactician Territory Manager

Align and Manage Sales Territories with Tactician Territory Manager
Tactician Territory Manager is a unique, tightly integrated system of desktop and online territory alignment and analysis solutions that provide a map-centric, highly productive interface for the interactive creation of sales, service or franchise territories.

The system has been specifically designed to facilitate the process of creating territories that are contiguous, compact, and reflect the reality of geographic barriers and obstacles - resulting in territories where workload is reasonable and potential can be realized.

Tactician Territory Manager contains numerous alignment and analysis features, including 3-dimensional spreadsheets, deviation graphs, and multiple map and data views.

Tactician Territory Manager will enable you to:

  • Organize and import your own territory structures and data to create and view point-based (retail stores, home-based businesses, key accounts), or geography-based (postal code), field sales, service, or franchise territories in real-time, displayed on high quality maps and in a unique, comparative spreadsheet.
  • Analyze your territories by incorporating factors such as workload balancing and travel time minimization, then interactively fine-tune your results using map-based, point-and-click alignment tools to optimize the geographic deployment of your resources, while minimizing deployment costs.

Desktop Pricing
Single User / Annual Price
Click here to purchase.
For multi-user pricing, please contact the Tactician Sales Department at sales@tactician.com.

The Tools You Need
Easy to use territory balancing tools
Full screen maps for regional overviews
Run "what-if" scenarios quickly and easily to help you make the best business decisions.

  • Execute your optimized territory plan after optionally disseminating the initial scenarios via the web to the field for interactive, online fine-tuning and adjustment. Purchase media programs tailored to target market segments and territory structures.

Tactician Territory Manager comes standard with the comprehensive cartography of the Tele Atlas All in One Cartography package.


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